Principle of our School

Our principal goals are to nurture a person possessing true humanity, who is able to perform an all-round and teamwork health promotion with professional knowledge and advanced technical skills, and contribute to international health care activity as well as regional health services. Promoting the research of health sciences concerning Nursing, Radiological Technology and Medical Technology is also our goal.

[More specifically, our mission is to nurture the following person]

・A person who is able to perform an all-round medical care with the viewpoint of total health promotion.
・A person who possesses both the genuine humanity and professional ethics.
・A person who is able to dedicate oneself to development of education and research in the field of health sciences.
・A person who is able to play a leading role as a co-medical staff in health care and promotion.
・A person who is able to contribute to medical activity in global situation.
・A person who recognizes the importance of regional medical care and be able to make a contribution to the advancement of regional medical care.


Degree and Qualification for Graduates